Historical reconstructions and presentations

As a graduated architect and enthusiastic buff for historical architecture, I can offer expert insight into historical forms.


For example models of historical Prague, I am the author of.. From December 2016, the capital city of Prague has a permanent exhibition of its historical development at Dům U Zlatého prstenu (MHMP). This exposition is unique in looks at the development of Prague as a whole and plans to expand. Its current first stage is focused on the period for the city very important, namely the period of reign of Charles IV. And its magnificent founding and construction of the New Town of Prague. For the exhibition were created unique mass and virtual models of important Charles’ foundations, the construction of the whole agglomeration and the individual buildings, drawing on the form of the city, transformed by Charles and the other Luxembourg rulers. The elaboration of the models preceded the extensive research activity and the creation of the form of the Prague of the time of Charles IV with the support of a number of archaeologists and historians from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.