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Historical models of Prague of the time of Charles IV.

From December 2016, the capital city of Prague has a permanent exhibition of its historical development at Dům U Zlatého prstenu (MHMP). This exposition is unique in looks at the […]

Cité de la Sécurité Sociale / competition

Project by Jim Clemens atrchitects Immeuble administratif Kirchberg (IAK) Luxembourg The final stage of the project, aiming the completion of the rental facilities, has been launched end of 2015 so […]

Concours Kirchberg, 1st prize

Competition administrative building Kirchberg, Luxembourg / 1st prize Architect: Kaell architecte / Clemens

Aménagement du “biegercenter” à Roeser (1st prize)

Aménagement du “biegercenter” à Roeser (1er prix) A+T architecture Claudine Arend + Anouk Thill–biegercenter–a-Roeser–1er-prix- The development project of the new “Biergercenter” of the municipal administration of Roeser has as […]

Oberweis Luxembourg – Airport boutique and restaurant / 1st prize

Architectonic interior competition / 1st prize Architect: Caroline Luzi

Baulücken: rue boch

Baulücken: rue boch (meilleur parti architectural décerné par la VDL) A+T architecture Claudine Arend + Anouk Thill–rue-boch–meilleur-parti-architectural-decerne-par-la-VDL-

Baulücken: rue august liesch

Baulücken: rue august liesch (meilleur parti architectural décerné par la VDL) A+T architecture Claudine Arend + Anouk Thill–rue-august-liesch—meilleur-parti-architectural-decerne-par-la-VDL-  

Historic reconstruction of city Uherske Hradiste (1725)

Residential houses Mondercange – Wunnen am Park

Presentation of project Mondercange for Metaform, Luxembourg Wunnen am Park – Un projet innovateur pour notre commune

Subsidized housing construction in Beggen (1st prize)

Construction de logements subventionnés à Beggen (1er prix) A+T architecture Claudine Arend + Anouk Thill–1er-prix-

ASARS Presentation of projects

With visualisations and video by vdvrk

Administrative building Citylink, Luxembourg

Animation clip of administrative building Citylink, Luxembourg Developers: Pylos Realcorp